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Lethal Beauty

Beauty is more than just skin deep... You need muscles too

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We're deadly, dangerous, and absolutely gorgeous. We're bitches who speak our minds and don't let anything or anyone stand in our way. We're modern Amazons. Sound like you? Then join Lethal Beauty. The first 20 apps get in free provided that they follow the directions and promote, giving a link for proof. Please folks, you know if you're really ugly. Unless you feel beautiful, you'll never look as great as you could.

1. Answer all questions.
2. Put app under lj-cut
3. Must be at least 16 to apply
4. Guys are ok too, but must be fans of our kind of women.
5. Promote after you're accepted. I know you feel stupid promoting a community that's about to reject you. Once a week I'll list the new ly accepted members. Reply to the post with a link to where you promoted.
6. Be prepared to get torn apart. You should be able to defend yourself, right?
7. Put "new" as the title when you post your application.
8. Don't post under any other topics before you've been officially accepted.
9. If people vote no, bitch all you want. It won't change a thing, but it will keep me amused.
10. You need a majority vote to get in, but I have the final say.
11. Mod reserves the right to ban you at any time.


location (if you don't want to say, be creative):

All these require at least a sentence or two. No one or two word answers.

What makes you a fatal beauty? Guys can be beauties too.
Why are you beautiful?
Your favorite bodypart:
Favorite lethal beauty from the past?
Role model?
Favorite fictional lethal beauty?
Favorite movie(s):
Favorite book(s):
Favorite myth or fairytale:
What makes you feel sexy?
Describe your style:
What pisses you off?
Your biggest personality and physical flaws:

Take a stand on an issue that matters to you. Be controversial. We won't vote you out for an unpopular opinion as long as it's well supported.

Pics, at least 3, including one face and one body. Show us your best. Keep in mind what we're about.