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I'm the mod, but I'm posting an app so you guys can get to know me.

name: Lauren
username: Penthesilea1133
age: 20
location (if you don't want to say, be creative): my house, my room, my bed

All these require at least a sentence or two. No one or two word answers.
What makes you a fatal beauty? Guys can be beauties too. I study martial arts, mostly Tae Kwon Do, but also Tai-Chi, Judo, fencing, and I used to do kickboxing. I hope to get back into it. Furthermore, I'm strong willed, loyal, and tenacious. I stand up for what I believe in.
Why are you beautiful? Because I was made that way; everyone is, but I also work to keep myself that way through my martial arts and yoga.
Your favorite bodypart: I like my cheekbones and clavicles, but I've been told I have beautiful eyes and a great jaw line.
Favorite lethal beauty from the past:Liva or Cleo, Livia or Cleo. I can't decide. They were the two most beautiful women of their time. Don't give me that bull that Cleo wasn't gorgeous. Roman coins aren't supposed to be flattering. Livia fared just a bit better in the long run, but Cleo was more resourceful.
Role model: My first Tae Kwon Do instructor because she was so sweet and humble even though she could kill any of us without a moment's notice. She made me feel like I was just as important and as skilled as the guys even if I couldn't do as many push-ups.
Favorite fictional lethal beauty:Trinity, because she's strong, brave, loyal, and loving even when she's scared shitless. You know she wears the pants in the relationship, and you have to envy that scorpion kick; I know I do.

Favorite movie(s): The Matrix (well duh), The Return of the King, and Moulin Rouge.
Favorite book(s):  House of Leaves, and Stranger in a Strange Land.
Favorite myth or fairytale: I always like the story of Cupid and Psyche because I admire how far she went for love.
What makes you feel sexy? I can't help feeling sexy when I take off my fencing mask and shake out my hair. My trench coats, tall boot, and PVC pants all make me feel sexy.
 Describe your style:I wear alot of black and other dark colors because they make me feel powerful, and the complement my coloring. I like the whole goth look, but it's a little too expensive and not exactly practical for my lifestyle.
What pisses you off? I need to have time alone, and when I'm trying to get it and people keep bothering me, my temper tends to be rather short.
Your biggest personality and physical flaws: Personality- I tend to be emotionally cold and distant. Physically- damn dry skin.

Take a stand on an issue that matters to you. Be controversial. We won't vote you out for an unpopular opinion as long as it's well supported.
My parents got on my case about some of my modelling pictures and my agreeing to pose nude. I just think that the human body is beautiful and that it should be showcased. I think that part of the reason why there are so many problems with eating disorders and body image now days is because we are brought up thinking that are bodies are inherently evil and disgusting. I also think that we should embrace our sexual natures because they are part of being human. That doesn't mean that we should go around skrewing everyone that walks by. We should still be responsible, but we shouldn't regard it as disgusting or sinful to see someone of show ourselves in a way that is sexual in nature. Through out all of history, women from oppressive societies have found power through sexuality. We should embrace the ability to have power over someone else though their desire for us.

Pics, at least 3, including one face and one body. Show us your best. Keep in mind what we're about.

This first one was from the set my mother didn't like. I guess it's obvious why.

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