Play nice with the broken Kitten (shattered_kitty) wrote in lethal_beauty,
Play nice with the broken Kitten

name: Lia
username: shattered_kitty
age: 19
location: , Missouri

What makes you a fatal beauty? Guys can be beauties too. Guys...sure, they have their strong points when you can't open the pickle jar. Me? I'd rather open it on my own, and if I can't do it with my hands, I look around for a towel, use my brain. If that doesn't work.. I look for something sharp to open it with. We have more lids, what's wrong with eliminating the thing between me and my pickles??
Why are you beautiful? I'm intelligent. I'm strong, I've got one hell of a temper, I write and I'm not the type to put up with crap. This makes me sound like a bitch..but, I hate to say it.. "So what?"
Your favorite bodypart: Legs. I love my legs, I love to run. They're also good to kick with.. I can't have people too close to me if I'm working out...
Favorite lethal beauty from the past? Katherine Hepburn. She didn't take shit from anyone, no other way to put it really...
Role model? Several: Katherine Hepburn, Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor.
Favorite fictional lethal beauty? Ellen Ripley also up there with Sarah Connor, in the second movie. She owns!!
Favorite movie(s): Aliens, Predator 2, AVP, The Crow, The Punisher, Terminator 2, The Core
Favorite book(s): Aliens, Support Your Local Wizard, by Diane Duane
Favorite myth or fairytale: ..I like the Furies..I don't really know any titles specifically..
What makes you feel sexy? Being told I'm attractive is a good thing.
Describe your style: Something comfortable, something I feel at home in. It may look put together, but it has style, it fits me, it looks good and it's easy to move in if its clothes.
What pisses you off? Bigots, morons, most men, people who don't have common sense, people who HAVE common sense but don't use it, being scared and those bimbo's who can get any guy they want and don't deserve. (Or if the wind blows the wrong direction..etc. etc.)
Your biggest personality and physical flaws: Personality: I'm easily pissed off, and I do tend to hold a grudge. I'm also very loyal though, and very caring. I tend to have a fiery personality, and sometimes it lashes out at the wrong people.. Physical: I'm small-chested.. but according to my larger-breasted friends, it's a good thing! Hmph. I'm short, but I prefer that. I don't run into things, that way, like taller people do. I can't seem to gain weight, so I'm really too thin.. and I don't like it.

Will this do? Looking over it now, it seems like I've just made up my answers, but I'm saying..typing whatever comes to mind first. Like I do everything else..with few exceptions.
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